My Journey from a Remote Village Farming Family to a Professional and thereafter Entrepreneur:

For a moment, I paused to think about my situation: How did I, a young man from a small village in U.P, get into the role of an entrepreneur.

When I further pondered this, I realized how much I had been empowered to contribute to the advancement of my community, Village, Country and the world at large. I recall vividly my early school days: I would go to school every day and would stay home on weekends, when I would play games with the kids in my neighbourhood. The most spectacular of these were the “Marvels(Kanche),Gilli Danda,Lat-bazi,Gendgadi.



Luckily enough, I have managed to climb the ladder of education, moving from small village primary school to higher secondary school in a nearby town Siyana then for graduation in a small district called Hapur, then to University of Delhi! When I look back at my playmates, many of them were out of school and have turned into illiterate men and women: squandered human resource.village2

This is not only because they lacked the ability to learn, but because they did not have the opportunity to get a decent education and guidance. Many dropped out of school after primary school, some after high school then some after intermediate since they could not afford school education. Some because of bad people and bad society elements’influence.Some opted to adopted family farming business.

I remember, in primary school, we used to carry our own Jute bag to sit in the school as school dint have capacity to afford today’s infrastructure. We had to walk four kilometres daily to board on to the public bus and travel again 10 kilometres on standing. Most of the time on the bus roof or the hung on the rear ladders of the bus. There were other obstacles of course, but the most important question is this: How do we, those who are already empowered crossed all obstacles.

In the technical arena, I am particularly fascinated by the observation that when air is heated and gets warm, it rises. Whenever I think about this observation — I often do — I get amazed and think about an analogy I have dubbed the “get heated to raise community factor.” I am convinced that the form of heat that my community and many others in our villages have been lacking is quality and competent education.

My getting into this role is a life-changing win for me, but only a small win for my community and village. I believe that small wins do bring success bit by bit. I know that I will have much more to contribute to my neighbours, community and village in few years and I can only imagine how much progress our villages could make if more young people get good opportunities and guidance.

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ERP OCEAN is the thought that come up to my mind when I was working for an MNC in the Garden City of India,Bangalore.I received a call from some institute to inquire if I am interested in some part time Online training and consulting on ERP side. After long discussions and with self analysis I started with it. My first candidate was a USA citizen,an Africal black lady.

By now I was teaching for almost 2 years and became famous among the community. Every day I was teaching and learning too. Sitting one day I was thinking the everyday I am leaning, this ERP is an OCEAN. Pat the thought came and created a facebook page with the name ERPOCEAN.thereafter blog and then got one site created. Started the journey alone and now I have people around me to contribute.